iPhone geiger counter shows up on Kickstarter, goal is to track radiation in Japan

Rdtn.org is a group that is creating an aggregate feed of nuclear radiation data from governmental, non-governmental and citizen-scientist sources.

The group’s Kickstarter project is seeking US$33,000 to initially deploy 100 devices in the field in Japan. The company’s long-term goal is to equip over 600 people in Japan with devices and create a network of radiation monitors in the country. Here’s how RDTN plans to track this data:

The data captured from these devices will feed into the RDTN.org website and will also be made available for others to use via Pachube, an open-source platform for monitoring sensor data globally. RDTN.org field members will be trained by RDTN.org advisors to properly use these devices. The field members will be required to report to the website 8-10 times per day.

Unlike most Kickstarter projects we cover, this one is has a very real chance to impact the world in a positive way. With the situation in Japan very grave, a crowd-sourced data collection network to track radiation leaking from the country’s Fukushima power plant would be incredibly useful.

As of this publishing, $2,560 has been pledged. Come on, humans, we can do better than this!

Article Via TUAW

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