Your iPhone case just got a lot smarter

Tired of your iPhone case not pulling its own weight? Well, Treehouse Labs is out to change that with their new “Smart Case” called BiKN. With the combination of a free app, the Smart Case, and the matching “tags,” your phone is now constantly keeping track of your precious items.

So, how does it work? In the simplest of terms, the BiKN Smart Case is an RF receiver and transmitter that is paired with a number of special tags that also receive and transmit radio frequencies. These tags are small little chunks of plastic that are latched onto loops, rings, and straps. You attach the tags to your favorite junk, and now the case can help you find where your things may be hiding.
BiKN Tags

In the “Leash” mode, you use the myBiKN app to set the allowable distance between your tags and your BiKN case. If you walk out of the door without your BiKN-tagged keys, an alarm will sound — on the device and/or the tag. It’s completely configurable. The other two modes are “Find” and “Page.” They’re fairly self-explanatory. Find will help you find your tagged item while page will sound an alert on the tag.

I’m pretty excited to see so many interesting things being done in the accessory space. Of course the iPhone and iPad are incredible devices, but seeing them interact with other objects to make life better just tickles something deep down inside of me. I love seeing great innovative companies taking a platform like iOS, and then making things like BiKN that extend the functionality in a direction that Apple probably never even considered. It’s a beautiful thing.

Interested in grabbing a BiKN for your very own? Not so fast, Bub! They’re not available yet, but you can subscribe on their website to be notified of the launch. Keep a look out for the BiKN Smart Case this December.

Source: eCoustics

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