Build Your Own iPhone Case Out Of LEGO

Tired of buying case after case after case only to find yourself caseless because nothing lives up to your standards? Fret not, we have just the case for you. The iPhone Brick Case lets you build your own case out of LEGOs. The shell is built out of a hard ABS, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your phone if you drop it. But, that’s not the best part: this case also lets you build any kind of iPhone case you want. Hell, you could even attach the Millennium Falcon if you really felt like it.

SmallWorks sells iPhone 4 and 4S editions of the case, as well as one for the iPod touch. Sadly, LEGOs aren’t included. You can pick up a case on Amazon for just $25.00.

Hat tip to @Macfusion_SB

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