iPhone 5 Is AT&T’s “Most Successful iPhone Launch,” Fastest Selling Apple Device

We already know that pre-orders for the iPhone 5 through Apple’s website sold out just an hour after the launch. Now AT&T is dubbing the iPhone 5 its “most successful iPhone launch ever” after setting a new sales record over the weekend with more iPhone 5 orders than ever before.

In a press release this morning, AT&T announced that customers ordered more iPhone 5s from the company than any previous models on launch day and over the weekend making it the “fastest-selling iPhone” that AT&T has offered so far.

The iPhone 5 went on sale at midnight last Friday and within an hour Apple had already sold out of its pre-order stock, pushing shipping estimates to one week. Current shipping estimates through Apple’s online store are at two to three weeks.

Neither Apple nor AT&T has actually given any actual sales numbers so far, so it’s difficult to know just how many people have ordered the iPhone 5. Apple did say, however, that it was “completely blown away by the customer response.”

Last year, AT&T said something similar about the iPhone 4S, having received 200,000 pre-orders in 12 hours. So if the iPhone 5 pre-orders have exceeded this then its obvious why the iPhone 5 is considered the most successful launch ever. It will be interesting to see just how many iPhone 5s have been pre-ordered so far, especially from Apple during that first hour of the launch.

Source: SlashGear and Market Watch via TechCrunch
Image Credit: FatiaNet

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