iPhone 4S demand still strong, preorders sell out in Hong Kong

It only took 10 minutes for the iPhone 4S preorders to sell out in Hong Kong last Friday. The phone, yet to be released, clearly demonstrates the importance of China in the smartphone war. There was a lot of concerns about the iPhone 4S sales in the region because Apple was shipping the phones without localized versions of Siri. As it turns out, it’s not going to be too much of a problem for Apple.

According to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White:

In our view, this is a very positive sign for iPhone 4S demand in Greater China has Hong Kong represents the first entry of the new smartphone in the rapidly growing region, and we expect the 4S to reach Mainland China in December … We believe this rapid sell out will rest concerns surrounding the uptake of the iPhone 4S in the Greater China region that were driven by the limited language capability of Siri, which did not launch in Mandarin or Cantonese.

It’s pretty evident that demand for the iPhone 4S is huge both inside and outside of China. We’re also hearing today that Apple is pretty close to selling out the iPhone 4S on a daily basis at most of their stores. Chris Witmore from Deutsche Bank checked with 30 Apple Stores, and his findings also indicate that the iPhone 4S is still in high demand:

Our retail checks reveal Apple is experiencing daily stock outs at ~85-90% of the ~30 retail stores we called. Apple employees are directing customers to make an online appointment (first come first serve) for next day pick up at nearby Apple retail stores as stocks appear to be refreshed daily at most locations.

A lot of analysts and pundits were disappointed with the iPhone 4S announcement, and once again Apple’s proving them wrong. I was a little saddened by the iPhone 4S announcement too, but even I have to admit that the iPhone 4S is a pretty solid phone and well worth the upgrade.

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