iPhone 4S likely coming to China Telecom


It is looking like the iPhone 4S is likely to make its debut on China Telecom:

An iPhone compatible with the mobile network of China’ [sic] third-largest mobile carrier, China Telecom, has received a network access license, a regulatory website shows, marking a key step toward Apple being able to sell the phone to a broader audience in China.

This past year has been huge for the spread of the iPhone. Instead of just spreading to more locations, Apple has been focused on supporting more carriers in locations around the world where the iPhone is already available. In the US, we’ve seen the iPhone go from being available solely on AT&T to additionally being available on the top three cell networks in the country. The only major network without an iPhone in the States is T-Mobile, and despite that it can run unlocked GSM iPhones on its 2G spectrum.

This regulatory green light in China is just another example of Apple’s slow-and-steady roll out of iPhones to damn-near everyone in the world. Apple is working its ass off to make it as easy as possible to buy an iPhone no matter where you are or what network you use. At this point, there isn’t much of a reason at all not to buy an iPhone if you’re in the market for a smartphone.

Source: WSJ

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