iPhone 4 used to shoot first music video

What kind of video have you recorded with your new iPhone 4?  Have you recorded your kids playing in the backyard, or maybe a breaking news event?  Whatever you record is special to you.  You are your own mobile videographer and editor.  How about video recording a music video?  Well, what might be the first music video recorded on an iPhone 4 was done by a band called The Anix.

They recorded the entire music video for their song “Enemy Eyes” on their iPhone 4; however, they did all the editing on their MacBook Pro i7.  Brandon Smith the lead singer of Anix explains the process they went through to film and edit this music video:

“We filmed this entire video using only one iphone 4, literally minutes after taking it out of the box. All we had were tri-pods that we would tape the phone to or anything we could use to keep the phone steady. The song was recorded using Logic 9, on a MacBook Pro i7. As a disclaimer, this was my first attempt at editing/shooting a video, so if it looks like I have no clue what I am doing, you are right.”

It would have been great if they had also edited the video on the iPhone.  But, iMovie might have been too limiting for them.  Below is the video they shot. Enjoy:

This past Sunday my family and I went to Disneyland, and I tried out the video recording capabilities on my new iPhone 4, and I have to say I am really impressed with the video quality that the iPhone 4 outputs.  I filmed and edited the below 32 second clip on my iPhone 4 using iMovie for the iPhone:

This clip was not uploaded from my iPhone to YouTube.  The clip that was seemed to be grainy and hazy.  Even though I exported the video in 720p from iMovie, it didn’t seem to look as good.  I’m guessing it was using compression and that’s what gave it the grainy look. So, I uploaded it from my Mac to YouTube and the results were better.

Photo Credit: overview-hd

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