iPhone 4 officially unlocked

Well, it’s finally happened. The iPhone 4 is finally unlocked, and word from MuscleNerd is that a carrier unlock for the US-based iPhone 4 required a complete rewriting of the codebase because there’s a new baseband included in the device.

The iPhone Dev Team has not released the unlock tools just yet, and they’re likely waiting for 4.0.1 to be released before they release their update, in order to make sure that the unlock still works.

On a jailbreak and unlock note, I’ve personally had very little success with jailbreaking and unlocking my phone over the years. While I can get the device to work as intended, my phone always seems to work a little strangely. My last attempt, just over a week ago, brought my phone to an absolute crawl and made answering calls a challenge. I have a really hard time recommending either of these things to people who don’t have the skill set to downgrade or un-jailbreak their phones.

Here’s a video of it in use

Article Via Redmond Pie

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