iPhone 4 is officially the most popular camera on Flickr

The site stats for Flickr, Yahoo’s photo-sharing service, reveal that the iPhone 4 is officially the most popular camera among the site’s users. The smartphone surpassed the popular digital SLRS made by Canon and Nikon a few days ago and now leads the upload charts.

Accordingly, the newest iPhone generation is also on the top of the smartphone popularity list, directly followed by the iPhone 3G in second place, the 3GS in third and the HTC Evo 4G in fourth. Although not technically a smartphone, the iPod touch also makes an appearance on that list and is the fifth most popular smartphone-camera used by Flickr’s community.

This is not just another proof of how popular the iPhone has become over time, but it also shows that mobile photography is changing the whole photography world. Almost everyone owns a camera-phone that we always have with us everywhere we go. Digital SLRs are not only expensive and often require a great knowledge to produce really good results, but they are also quite big and not exactly as portable as a phone. So, even those of us who rock a dSLR don’t always have their camera with them, but most certainly they will have their phone. With apps like Instagram, Camera+ or hipstamatic, sharing photos with everyone in a matter of seconds has become easier than ever before. And with the iPhone 4’s great camera, those photos don’t look like they’ve been taken with a mobile phone but most certainly let some point-and-shoots’ image qulity look old.

This obviously reflects in the site stats of the world’s most popular photo sharing website.

Article Via MacStories
Photo Credit: Shota Mitsuyasu via iDesk

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