iPhone 4 Bumpers go free. Which one will you get?

A quick search of “iPhone 4 Bumpers” at the online Apple Store will bring up all six iPhone 4 colored Bumpers.  However, they have a price of $0.00 and their shipping status is currently set to “Currently Unavailable.”  This is due to the fact that Apple will be giving out free iPhone 4 Bumpers to iPhone 4 customers who have already purchased an iPhone 4 from the launch date until September 30th.  So hope is not lost. If you want a Bumper, Apple will soon be updating their website with information on how to acquire a free iPhone 4 Bumper.

The question that is on my mind, and probably yours too is, will Apple only be giving out the Black iPhone 4 Bumpers, or will they give you a choice of all six colors?  My guess would be that you will have a choice of all six colors, since all of them are showing a $0.00 price tag and are “Currently Unavailable.”  However, I wouldn’t wait too long after they update the site with the information on how to get the iPhone 4 Bumpers.  Steve Jobs has said that they can’t make enough to keep up with the demand, so supplies will more than likely be limited.  You also have a choice of a third party case if they run out of Bumpers, or if the Bumper is not your thing.  Finally, if you have purchased a Bumper, you will have the option of receiving a refund, but keep in mind, if you purchased a third party case, you will not receive a refund.  This might change between now and when the site is updated with the new information.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

A week after I bought my iPhone 4 I purchased the Bumper.  I had looked at different cases, and I didn’t like any of them.  I wanted something that was going to show off my iPhone 4 and not hide it.  The iPhone 4 Bumper does this very well, while giving it an extra layer of protection.  This is why I chose the Bumper over a case.  What do you prefer, a Bumper or a case?  You’ll be able to make up your mind for free later this week.

Photo Credit: The Apple Store Online

Article Via Cult of Mac

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