Harman Kardon Releases Five New Headphones For iPhone

Available only through Apple, Harman Kardon has introduced five new headphones designed for the iPhone. They range in price from $100 to $299 and includes the NI, AE, CL, BT, and NC models.

The NI model is an in-ear type headphone with 9mm drivers for a wide range and high sound pressure levels. It has a lightweight design and includes an inline three-button remote for making and receiving phone calls, controlling the volume, and skipping tracks. This model is the cheapest, going for $100.

The AE model is also an in-ear type but offers acoustic enhancements and aluminum casing for a cleaner sound. It costs $150.

The CL goes for $199. It’s the only on-ear model in this range. It’s designed with metal hinges and a sandblasted metal finish. It uses 40mm drivers and includes detachable cables.

The Bluetooth-enabled BT, costing $249, is one of the two over-ear models along with the NC model. It includes an integrated microphone that allows users to keep the headphones on while making and receiving phone calls. This model has remote playback buttons on the side of one ear cup and the battery life is 12 hours.

And for a whopping $299, the NC model includes digital active noise canceling technology and has a slow-retention foam in the ear pads that functions not only for comfort but also works as a further acoustic noise canceller. The rechargeable battery lasts for 30 hours and can be recharged using the USB cable that is included. However, both the NC and the BT model can connect to the iPhone for continued playback when the battery is dead.

These models are available on Apple’s online store.

Source: ipodnnĀ  and HarmonKardon
Image Credit: ipodnn

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