Infographic: Happy Birthday iPhone, $150 Billion In Revenue Over 5 years

In two days, it will be the fifth anniversary of the first iPhone. In the five years of its existence, Apple’s iPhone has generated an estimated $150 billion of cumulative revenue globally.

The very first iPhone officially launched on June 29, 2007. In recognition of this, Strategy Analytics offered Apple’s latest statistics — Apple has shipped a total of 250 million iPhones worldwide, which has generated the $150 billion in cumulative revenues.

Neil Mawtson, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, stated that while the first five years of the iPhone have been a tremendous success for Apple, the next five years could prove to be more of a challenge as competition continues to grow and improve and some mobile operators become concerned about subsidies spent on the iPhone.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007 as a three-in-one device: a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and an Internet communications device. Since then the iPhone’s success has gone no where but up as it continues to deliver record-breaking quarters and sales are constantly increasing.

In the last quarter, Apple shipped 35.1 million iPhones, which helped the company reach the success of having shipped 250 million iPhones worldwide. In the last quarterly earnings conference call, Apple executives stated that more than 360 million iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, had been sold at that time.

According to, Apple sells more iPhones a day than there are babies born in the world. It also noted that since the iPhone’s release in 2007, Apple’s worldwide brand ranking has jumped from 44th place to number 1.

In a short time Apple has become one of the top smartphone manufacturers and one of the top mobile phone makers. This success is surely going to increase as Apple continues to expand its business to Asia and other emerging markets.

Source: AppleInsider via TUAW
Image Credit: The Inquisitr

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