Gene Munster survey shows some interesting cellphone stats

Gene Munster released an interesting cellphone survey today, while it is pretty limited in geography, it certainly pointed out some interesting tidbits of information. Before you carry on, keep in mind that the information is coming from an analyst.

First the obvious, 20 percent of the 69 percent of people who were contemplating an iPhone 4 said that the alleged iPhone 4 antenna problems influenced their decisions about buying the phone, ultimately leading them to walk away from it. So, out of 258 people who partook in the random survey, 69 percent knew about antennagate, which means 35 of them decided against buying the device because of the antenna. If you don’t think blogs have a hefty say in the purchasing of consumer electronics, think again.  Considering the fact that blogs made antennagate into the problem it became before mainstream media picked it up, it’s interesting to note the influence bloggers have over mainstream media.

That wasn’t the surprise though, of more importance, at least in our opinion, is the news that 28% of those surveyed had an iPhone, 30% of them had a Blackberry, and only 9% were using an Android phone. Of those looking to buy an new phone: 40% of them had considered buying an iPhone, compared to the 29% who had considered an Android device.

To us, those are pretty telling figures. We’ve long held that while Android is an obvious up and comer in the market, it hasn’t fully been adopted by the general population in the same way that Apple’s iPhone has currently.

I say this a lot, and tend to get some flak for it, but I rarely notice anyone using an Android phone up here in Canada. Sure, they’re around and maybe they’re harder to notice, but it’s what I see. Next time you’re out in public take a moment and survey your surroundings. I’d be curious to hear what you’ve found. For most, at least those who I have talked to, the decision always comes down to an iPhone or Blackberry.

Article Via The Apple Blog

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