Gear up for iPhone day 2.0 — it could be July 7th

What’s the best way to ensure maximum media coverage for the iPhone 4? Well, it’s having two release days where people line-up to pick up the phone. It’s unusual for Apple to have two release days, but since the phone was met with such success on the first release day, and supply was devoured by hungry iPhone users, it only makes sense that they’ll continue with the practice.

No matter what everyone says is wrong with the iPhone 4, people are still going to be lining up for the device, if this rumour turns out be a trumour. It’s being alleged that Apple would open Apple stores at 8am on July 7th, with a ton more phones in stock. It may account for the lack of resupply shipments of the iPhone, and if Apple’s actually planning a second release, we’ll likely be hearing about it soon from official sources. The 7th is only four days away after all.

Would you go and wait in a line again for an iPhone 4, or would you just place an order on their website? Currently, the device has a three week delay when you order on the Apple website.  I’d probably just place my order and wait for it to show up at my door.

Article Via MacNN

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