FLASHr: Innovative iPhone Case With LED Notifications

Last week we offered a head’s up on using your iPhone’s LED flash as a notification light. Now, how about taking that notification light to the next level by having your whole case light up whenever a notification is received?

Phaze5, run by a duo from New Orleans with a passion for product design and artistic expression, has designed FLASHr — an iPhone 4/4s case that illuminates for calls, texts, and other push notifications. The case, powered by the iPhone’s LED flash and iOS LED flash for alerts feature, doesn’t require any additional power source as it uses reflective aluminum to bounce the light from the LED through the case to create the effect. It’s a very clever design, and looks pretty slick in action.

The duo have taken to Kickstarter to gather pre-orders and funding to help with additional prototyping, tooling, and packaging for the finished product. If you want one of your own, hit up their Kickstarter page and show some love.

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