Fido does the right thing: Evening calls now start at 6PM

Fido made a move worthy of praise today, and since we’re in the market of getting annoyed at cellular carriers these days, we thought it was only fitting to say something positive.

Fido has moved the standard “evening” call time to 6PM from 7PM. Plans that have free evening calls will have the change take place. Any calls placed after 6PM will now be free.

This is what a little legitimate competition in a market can do to a service. Koodo and Virgin have both been offering free evening calls starting at 6PM, and now Fido has joined them.

Rogers and Bell still start their evenings and weekend coverage at 9PM, unless you pay for “early evenings and weekends.”

As iPhoneinCanada points out, this is not a promotion, nor will it expire. It’s now the standard at Fido, across most of their plans, including:

  • $20 Voice plan (not applicable to iPhones)
  • $25 Voice plan
  • $35 Incoming plan
  • $35 Voice plan
  • $50 Voice plan
  • $70 Voice plan
  • $65 iPhone voice & data plan
  • $80 iPhone voice & data plan

If you’re already on the Fido plan, you have to call in and ask them to make the switch for you.

Kudos to Fido for taking their customers’ concerns seriously and actually doing something about it. Hopefully we’ll see the other major Canadian carriers follow suit, although I wouldn’t count on it.

Fido also carries the iPhone in Canada.

Article Via iPhoneinCanada

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