Facebook Adds ‘Read it Later’ Functionality To Mobile Apps

If you tend to read a lot of articles (hopefully from Macgasm) that your friends or pages you follow post on Facebook, you’re in luck. Facebook has released a new “Instapaper”-like feature to their mobile apps, which allows you to build a queue of articles, webpages and other content that you’d like to read later. And while it’s no Pocket or Instapaper, it’s still a cool feature for those who only use Facebook. As for now, we’re unsure if a desktop viewer is coming. So now that you’ve heard about this new feature, let us show you how it works.

Saving an article is pretty simple: just find one you’d like to save and long press it. After a second or two, a pop-up labeled “Save” will appear. If you tap on this button, the link will be saved for later reading. Accessing your saved links is also pretty simple: just swipe into sidebar view and scroll down until you see “Edit Favorites..” Then, look to the upper lefthand corner of the screen and press the “+” button. Now, scroll down until you see “saved” and tap on it to add it to your sidebar. You can now view your saved articles from the sidebar in the Facebook mobile app.

Source: AppAdvice via CultofMac

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