Explore the magical world of Gold & Chocolate

Gold & Chocolate is an unusual style of game created by Cocobic for iOS devices. The game is all about exploring a world that is home to strange, yet beautiful creatures. A world where creatures and plants are waiting to be discovered by you. On your travels, let the calm comet glide around for you, lighting the way. Be warned though, some of these adorable little things are actually ferocious creatures with long tentacles and sharp teeth. This is where the fun begins.

To progress through the world you need to find out which of the creatures are the ferocious ones and tap them out to get ride of them. To do this, you first need to tilt your device. If you don’t, you could sit there for quite a while achieving absolutely nothing! When you do tilt, a comet will start to slowly move through your screen. As it glides across, it produces a path of light. When the light shines on a creature, if it is a nasty little one, their tentacles will be shown. When the light is not on them though, they go back to being sweet little creatures. You have to wait until the comet’s gone and then tap the ones you saw with the tentacles. Get it wrong, and you lose a part of your life. Get it right, and you move on to the next level.

The first few levels start off quite slow, and you’ll begin to think that the game is really easy, but these are just warm up levels. As you go further through the levels, the game does get harder. It’s all about remembering where you saw the bad guys on the screen and keeping a close eye on them in case they move about.

What’s Macgasmic?

The game is accompanied by some great music. It is very soothing and calm, giving the game an almost magical feel. This may sound silly, after all it is a game on your iPhone, but the music  sets the scene, allowing you to feel that you are part of that world. For the ultimate impact, turn it up loud! It becomes quite challenging as you progress because the animals move around a lot more, but strangely you still feel relaxed by this amazing music. The graphics are simple yet beautiful and work really well with the game. There is not a lot of detail on screen, so it is easy to see the animals and watch them moving around with out too much clutter.

What’s not

It would be great in future updates to maybe see Game Center support to compete with your friends. There are 90 levels to complete, and although it will take time to complete them all, after that I’m not sure how the game would keep you coming back for more. Add Game Center leader board and achievements, and this problem would be fixed.


In all honesty, Game Center is the only thing that I felt the game might need. It was so refreshing playing Gold & Chocolate because it is a style of game I have never seen before. The music really made the game for me. It was like I was listening to an album of relaxing music to de-stress. The game is very addictive and quite fun, and it presents a great world that you’re going to want to explore.

I am an iPhone fanatic. I currently use an iPhone and I use it for just about everything! Love playing most games on it and have many, many photography apps.