Expect iPhone 4 shipping delays—already pushed back to July 14th

What happens when demand outstrips supply? We’re about to find out. Numerous people are starting to get emails letting them know that their iPhone won’t be available on release day, like they expected them to be.

First it was June 24th, then it was July 2nd, and now it’s July 14th. The new song and dance is the same as the old song and dance. The voracious appetites of soon to be iPhone 4 users in the US and other first round countries, are making it highly unlikely that us second round countries will be getting iPhone 4s “Sometime in July.” Does this remind anyone else of the iPad? How many months were international iPad releases pushed back before the devices actually shipped?

Apple’s got us by the balls, and they’re taking our money straight to the bank—it’s what happens when there’s no real substitute good. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not complaining. We were just expecting this to happen after the iPad international release debacle. There were jokes flying around in Canada during the iPad delays that suggested that by the time the iPad made it to Canada the iPad would already be on the second iteration of the device. It’s starting to look like we’re headed down that road again.

At least this time we’re already expecting month long delays.

Article Via Apple Insider

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