Eliss is easily one of the top 5 games in the Appstore. EASILY!

I mentioned Eliss in a previous “retro” games article, but this game deserves its own post. It’s that addicting. Very few iPhone games have kept me playing for more then a week. I’m lying, that’s a euphemism, none have kept me playing for a week. I think that’s a real testament to the simplicity and design of this game. It’s simple, it makes you think, and most importantly, it makes you react. If we had a rating system, I’d give this a perfect 5 out of 5. Hell, it has made me want to create a rating system just so I can give this a perfect rating.

The concept was a little challenging at first, I had a hard time figuring out what the heck the point of the game was, but it’s so simple that once you get it you feel like an idiot for taking so long to figure it out. Essentially, there’s two color circles that spawn–pink and yellow. You don’t let them touch each other or you die. You can push two like colours together, or pull them apart. The actual objective of the game is to get these circles and place them into the corresponding hollow circles.

The catch? You have to make sure that the solid circle is as big as the corresponding empty circle. If it’s too big or two small it won’t let you combine the two.

Once they’re combined they clear from the screen.

Simple, but it gets hard as hell, and it’s probably the sole reason I keep coming back to this game week after week. It’s not free, but frankly, it’s the best 2.99 I’ve spent on a game for my iPhone. Normally we’d do our own screencast of the app, but Steph has done such a good job with his own that we decided just to embed the video.

The game, it’s worth it.

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