Developers agree, Android fragmentation is a problem

The debate about fragmentation is raging onwards today as a study has revealed that developers are starting to find Android fragmentation as problematic as many people have suggested over the last year.

According to a survey done by Baird’s William Powers, only 14 percent of developers noted that fragmentation wasn’t a problem. The other 86 percent fell somewhere between the ‘Somewhat of a Problem’ and ‘ Huge Problem’ range.

The problems didn’t end there though. Other major issues that arose during the survey included store fragmentation, ease of development, and app visibility.

It should probably also be noted that 71 percent of respondents were developing for Android while only 62 percent were tackling iOS.

So, what’s that mean for the future? Probably nothing. iOS isn’t going anywhere, and neither is Android. If there’s anything to be learned here, it’s that Google needs a more hands on approach to their mobile OS. Fragmentation, store fragmentation, and app visibility are all something Google can control. If they cared, they would fix these problems.

Article Via Fortune

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