Delta, Sheraton and Ticketmaster Confirm Passbook Support

While it was already confirmed that Starbucks and other companies plan on supporting Passbook, a few more companies hopped on the Passbook ship this Wednesday at the Apple iPhone 5 announcement. When watching the keynote demonstration of Passbook, you’ll notice that Scott Forstall, Apple’s Chief of iOS, demonstrated the app by showing a Delta plane ticket, a Ticketmaster concert ticket, a Fandango movie ticket as well as a Target coupon. Before yesterday, these companies were not confirmed Passbook supporters.

If you’re unaware, Scott confirmed that AmTrak, W Hotels and the Apple Store would all support Passbook when he spoke at the WWDC keynote in June of 2012. We hope to see a full list of supported companies in the near future. Passbook will be available to the public next Wednesday when the iOS 6 update is pushed to consumers.

As of now, Passbook is my most anticipated iOS 6 feature. When it’s released, we will no longer have to deal with the less than stellar Delta and American apps when hopping on the plane or the clunky Starbucks app when grabbing a cup of Joe.

Is this the start of a completely paperless ticketing world? Let’s hope.

Source: Apple Insider

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