Could Google Wallet Be Coming To The iPhone In Next Major Update?

Google Wallet iPhone

If you’re not overly enthralled with Passbook (we’re not sure why you wouldn’t be), Google is about to release an update to its service that could bring the iPhone into the Google Wallet program. While there aren’t many details beyond that, what we do know is that Google is working on an update to the application and the company is currently asking users to sign up for an invite on the Google Wallet website. Upon arrival to the invitation request page, you’ll notice that you can request an invite for three different platforms: Android, iOS and “Other.” Yes, you read that right. A Google Wallet app for iOS could be coming soon, apparently.

So, since the iPhone doesn’t support NFC as of yet, how does Google plan to accept payments with the Google Wallet app for iOS? As of now, we’re not sure; however, we may see the Google Wallet application integrate with Passbook to somehow allow for mobile payments. Or, possibly even take the Passbook model and integrate it into Google Wallet. We’d bet on the latter over the Google Wallet in Passbook alternative. Google could also be working on a hardware accessory for the iPhone that could allow it to support NFC, but this seems pretty unlikely. We have requested an invitation to the beta, so you can be sure we’ll bring you full coverage of the Google Wallet app for iOS when we get our hands on the application. You know, if Google releases a Google Wallet application for iOS.

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