CAPCOM donates proceeds from iOS Street Fighter IV to Japan earthquake relief

For the next week, all proceeds from the iOS version of Street Fighter IV will be going to earthquake relief, according to a statement by CAPCOM. The game will also be on sale for $0.99 during this time. If you ever thought about getting this game, or looked at it with more than passing interest, I encourage you to get it now.

CAPCOM is also immediately donating 100 million yen (roughly $1.3 million) to help victims of the earthquake and contribute to recovery efforts. Additionally, they are complying with government requests to conserve power, and are shortening hours or suspending operations as necessary at amusement arcades and business sites.

From the iTunes Description, the developer made the following statement:

Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with people who were caught in the tragic “Tohoku Region Earthquake” in Japan.

CAPCOM as a Japanese gaming company, starting from Mar. 15th through Mar. 22nd we are going to drop the price of iPhone / iPod touch “Street Fighter IV” globally and donate all the sales to public charity.

We can never thank you enough for all the support each one of you are giving to us.

People from all over the world, please unite with us to help people in the disaster-stricken area.

There’s no better time to pick this one up, or if you already have it, gift the app to someone else. And I would encourage you to give by other means as well, as you are able.

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