Apple’s integrated SIM card may have been pulled

Just when I thought Apple had our backs, I find out that Apple may have pulled their plans for an integrated SIM card in the new iPad and iPhone. Eat my words, I must.

The concept behind the integrated SIM was that Apple was creating a software-reconfigurable SIM card. It would have been a major step in eliminating SIM locks on the iPhone.

The Telegraph reported this morning that the “conjectural development into the integrated SIM has stopped.” Apple dropped the plans because the mobile carriers were going to stop subsidizing the iPhone. So you can add another reason to hate the carriers to your already super long list.

Keeping in mind that these are rumors, the embeddable SIM may be nothing more than conjecture itself, but the possibility was enough to give me hope for a new mobile world order.

At least here in Canada, an Ontario private member’s bill is demanding wireless transparency and unlocked phones for Canadians.

For me, buying an unlocked phone is the only option we have left. We might pay more upfront for our phones, and it might be the only way we can teach the Bells of the world that these ridiculous contracts are unacceptable.

Article Via TUAW

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