Apple Should Adopt This Proposed Notification Design


iOS 6 may have added some new features, but many people decried that the OS looks pretty much the same. Over on the Verge, they have mocked up a possible way that Apple could change their notifications to create a more interactive and visually appealing system. I think most iPhone users would jump at the chance to have text notifications offer a reply function without having to switch to the Messages app.


The application notifications use the linen design of Notification Center and finally put the big blue box to bed. This is another great use of existing elements in iOS while still providing something different. This concept offers something that can be easily implemented with the current design language of the OS, but wouldn’t hamper the existing user base.

This concept is a part of the rising hope among Apple fans that Jony Ive is going to remake the entire Apple landscape in his image. There does need to be some real change in iOS, and it would be nice for Apple to riff this concept for notifications. However, one can still hope to see Ive remake iOS in a completely unexpected way. Putting Ive in charge of UI design may have created expectations Apple can’t possibly live up to these days.

Image Credit: The Verge

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