Apple Sells 1.7 Million iPhone 4s

By now you’ve heard of the throngs of people eagerly anticipating their new iPhone 4. Many of you were probably in a line, whether it was a pre-order line or a ‘walk-in’ line. I know I was. Well, we were among the 1.7 million others who received their iPhone 4 within 72 hours of its initial release.


This is considered the ‘most successful’ launch of any Apple product. The selling averages out to approximately 6.56 iPhone 4s every second during the first 72 hours. That’s astonishing considering that Apple sold one million iPads in 28 days. ┬áLet us say that one million of these were sold in the United States. This would definitely account for some of the slowness experienced in activating iPhone 4s on the AT&T network.

The original iPhone took 73 days to sell one million, and the iPhone 3G took three days to hit one million. The iPhone 3GS also took three days to hit one million units sold. There is no doubt that the iPhone 4 has been a success.

Not to rain on the success of the iPhone 4, but Google is activating 160,000 Android handsets per day. This comes out to 4.8 Million handsets per month. I’m sure Apple cannot maintain the pace considering that any new orders for iPhone 4s are not shipping until mid-July, at the latest. Therefore, the likelihood of Apple maintaining the success of the iPhone 4 on a consistent basis is non-existent.

Article Via Apple

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