Apple seeds iOS 5.0.1 early to some customers, and informs staff what to tell you


Apple appears to be seeding iOS 5.0.1, the bug fix release, to some users who have complained about battery life issues through its AppleSeed program. However, they warn that by upgrading to the newest iOS, users will not be able to downgrade back to 5.0. They will, however, have access to the final version of iOS 5 that’s expected within the coming weeks.

Along with bug fixes, 5.0.1 brings improvements to Siri for Australian users and multitasking gestures to the first-gen iPad. Also, for those of you who haven’t received the seed from Apple, don’t bother going to your nearest Apple Store. Apple has been sending out memos to their retail stores instructing them not to replace iPhones with battery issues. Rather, they should tell the customer to deal with it for a few weeks since an update is in the works. Of course, there will be those of you that march right in to the stores and demand your customer service. Our advice? Save yourself the drive. Your puppy eyes won’t work this time.

Photo Credit: Sam AKA Purplelime

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