Apple Releases iOS 6.0.2 With Wi-Fi Fixes

Apple has just released iOS 6.0.2, a minor update for all iPhone 5 and iPad mini devices. While small, iOS 6.0.2 “Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi”. Both the iPad mini and iPhone 5 previously suffered Wi-Fi issues, which caused Wi-Fi connections to hang or even drop altogether when connecting to new Wi-Fi networks. While some users are reporting that the iOS 6.0.2 update has indeed solved this issue, others have stated that their iPhones now offer a smaller Wi-Fi range than before. As of now, we’re not sure if this is an isolated issue or if it’s widespread.

iPhone 5 and iPad mini users can update their devices to iOS 6.0.2 now via iTunes or OTA (over-the-air) updates in the Settings application. We’d recommend installing the update via OTA as it’s a small update.

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