Apple loses another iPhone prototype

Another day, another Apple leak, and this time Apple’s got a leak in Vietnam. Someting tells me the police there aren’t going to be as cordial as the ones that raided Mr.Chen’s apartment in California.

It seems like this prototype has undergone some refinements to the body of the iPhone, which could indicate that this device is a later prototype than the one previously featured on Gizmodo, and that Apple may still be tinkering with the design. Hopefully it’s true, because the two piece aluminium strap is ugly. The device does have Apple’s A4 chip, so it is very likely to be an official prototype.

Engadget is reporting that these guys paid US $4,000 dollars for the prototype. Should we start the timer to see how long it’s going to take before the team at Taoviet get raided by police?

Here’s some video of them showing it off (It’s in Vietnamese, or so we’re assuming).

Article Via Engadget

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