Apple Airs Two New iPhone 5 Ads, “Turkey” And “Orchestra”

Apple recently aired two new iPhone 5 ads, one with a Thanksgiving theme in preparation for the coming holiday. The two ads, “Turkey” and “Orchestra,” show off a couple of iPhone 5 features, like taking photos and using Shared Photos Stream in iOS 6 and the microphone in the iPhone 5 that allows for active noise-cancelling.

The first ad, “Turkey,” gets in the Thanksgiving spirit, knowing that it will be a weekend for picture taking. Apple’s first seasonal ad of the year, “Turkey” showcases the Shared Photo Stream feature, where photos are taken or imported into an iOS or OS X machine that can be shared wirelessly to other iOS or Mac devices. The ad really shows off how easy this feature is to use, and how great it is for occasions like this to easily take pictures and share them with loved ones.

In “Orchestra,” an orchestra is playing and the narrator asks the conductor to “keep it down,” and goes on to say that this is basically what happens when you make a phone call. The noise-canelling microphone in the iPhone 5 is shown and the narrator explains¬†how it helps bring the background noise down when making a phone call, “so when the world gets noisy, calls sound better.”

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.