Android growth lags: Verizon focusing on the iPhone

Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu doesn’t think the new Blackberrys or Android phones will make much of a “material impact” on Verizon’s network in the upcoming months. According to the researcher, Android adoption has seemed to stagnate on the Verizon network despite the availability of several high profile devices. According to Wu and Electronista, Verizon has placed such high-hopes in the iPhone that they’ve begun lobbying Apple for a pseudo-exclusivity deal that would prevent the iPhone from spreading to other carriers beyond AT&T and Verizon.

That says a lot about Verizon’s expectations on the upcoming market-share battle once the iPhone makes its way to the carrier. Say what you want about the iPhone and Android battle, Verizon sees the iPhone as a big opportunity for their network.

Recent studies by comScore have shown that Android’s growth in the US, while still significant, might be slowly declining. comScore’s study also shows that growth rates from July through to October saw the growth rate fall from a 6.5% increase to a 2.1% increase in sales.

Android might be here to stay, but once the iPhone makes its way to Verizon, we may begin to see some answers regarding why Google’s platform has been successful. Was it the lack of iPhones on the CDMA network, like some have suggested, or is Android just that good of a phone?

What are your thoughts? Do you see market share shifting once the iPhone is available on the Verizon network?

Article Via Electronista
Photo Credit: Jonsuh

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