Alarm clock bug to be fixed in next iOS update

iPhone owners in Australia are being woken up an hour earlier than the time they set their alarms for. The glitch affects only recurrent alarms on iPhones that have the iOS4 software and appears to occur because the alarm clock feature is not recognizing daylight savings. Both the phone’s clock and the alarm clock are set to the correct time and yet, inevitably, the alarm goes off one hour early. Others have reported that alarm clocks are not working at all. Sleep is a precious, precious commodity and I can’t personally think of a bug that would be more aggravating.

The next iOS4 update is anticipated to arrive before daylight savings starts in other countries, fixing the bug before it is triggered by the time change. In the meantime, the easiest way to fix the problem is to set your alarm one hour later than the time you would like to get up.

Article via Apple Insider

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