Add flare to your iPhone photos with magnetic lenses

All you snobby photographers need not apply. PhotoJoJo has magnetic lenses for sale that attach to your iPhone and enhance your photos. I can hear you all judging me, but if there’s one thing I learned about myself while on vacation last week, it’s that I much prefer taking photos with Camera+ (currently unavailable on the AppStore) and my iPhone.

I had a dSLR sitting in the case all week long, and I rarely took it out.

PhotoJoJo has both wide angle/macro (20.00) lenses available and fisheye (25.00) lenses. If you know you’ll be needing both, you can buy them bundled for 40.00, saving you five dollars.

We know the jury is hung, and people can agree on whether these things are worth the money, but if you like to tinker, and explore just how far you can take photography on your iPhone, these might be up your alley.

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