Add A Bit Of Fun To Your iPhone 5C With Flipcase

When Apple released the iPhone 5C case alongside the iPhone 5C, it was met with mixed reactions. However, Australia-based iOS developers Stuart Hall and Dave McKinney decided to make the most out of the case by developing Flipcase: a game that works with the iPhone 5C case.

Flipcase is played by putting the iPhone 5C case on the front of your iPhone 5C after launching the app. Like the popular board game Connect Four, the objective of Flipcase is to connect dots. These dots are housed between the cutouts on the iPhone 5C case.

Whoever can connect four dots first wins the game. Flipcase can be played in either single player mode or local two-player mode.

If you’re an iPhone 5C user and would like to grab a copy of Flipcase, you can do so for free on the iTunes App Store.

Via: TechCrunch

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