3G vs 3GS chart is up.

A lot of people around the internet are curious about how their 3G iPhones are matching up to the new 3GS model. There’s been a lot of mixed reviews about the new model. Some people are stoked, and a whole slew of other people are not. One thing is for certain, geeks sure do have a sense of humor about the S in 3GS!

@iTod: iPhone 3GS. the s is for ‘suckas’ who bought iPhone 3G

@dangrover: iPhone 3GS — the S is for Sccchhilller

I’m still on the fence about the value in upgrading from my second generation iPhone to the 3GS. One thing I can say that is kind of irksome about this upgrade is the fact that voice dial is not being given to 3G users. I don’t know anything about the technology involved with the application, but it seems to me that a built in mic is all we need. For a device that has been heralded as more powerful than a PSP and some other previous generation video game systems, it seems like we’re being left out for no reason at all.

Most of the other 3GS applications are logically being left out because of their reliance on some new technologies (ie. Compass). I can’t wrap my head around the voice dialer though. If i’m missing something let me know in the comments. If it’s being left out for no other reason then enticing users to upgrade I’ll be pretty pissed.

You can get the rest of the chart and comparison from Apple here!

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