Use This xkcd-Inspired Password Tool To Generate Secure And Easy To Remember Passwords

Does the Heartbleed bug have you changing all of your passwords? Well, since you’re already doing it, why not make those passwords super-secure and easy to memorize? One of the best ways to do this is to create a random string of memorable words mixed with special characters and numbers, as these are actually more secure than a random string of l33t gibberish. However, these strings aren’t always easy to think of, so the creator of the web comic series xkcd have taken it upon themselves to create a memorable and secure password generator that uses strings of random words.

The xkpassword website gives you a ton of options when it comes to creating these passwords. In the generator itself, you can choose how many words you’d like the website to put in your password and then customize it. For instance, you can change capitalization, word separators, the amount of numbers in front of words as well as other info.

So go out there and make some awesome passwords. But don’t share them with us on Twitter, no matter how funny they may be.

Via: Minimal Mac
Image Source: David Goehring

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