Don’t Like Twitter’s New Look? Here’s How To Make It Less Ugly

“Twitter, that is not a good look for you.” That was my first reaction when Twitter’s latest redesign got switched on for my account. My eyes have gotten used to the new look (though I think it takes up too much space on small screens), but if you prefer the old look with the dark navigation bar at the top of the screen, azero79 on Tumblr has a fix for you—assuming you use Safari, anyway.

The fix, as spotted by Cult of Mac, is a simple Safari extension that changes the new black-on white look for the navbar to a more traditional white-on-black look. Download and install it, and it’ll automatically return the navigation bar to its previous color scheme.

If you change you mind, open Safari Preferences, click Extensions, and disable the TwitterDarkBanner extension. Easy, right?

That’s what I thought. Now we all have one less thing to complain about.

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