Turn Your Mac’s Bezel Into A Magnetic Message Board

If you’ve purchased an iMac or MacBook in the last several years, there’s a good chance it has several magnets ringing the screen. These magnets serve some specific purposes—on the MacBook, it holds your laptop closed; on the iMac, it holds onto an Apple Remote if you have one—and apparently holds the screen’s bezel in place. (The newer, super-thin iMacs lack the magnets, though.)

If you have some magnets, paperclips, or binder clips, though, you can use these to hold things like reminders of photos in place on your iMac’s bezel. I also use them to hold onto my MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter so it doesn’t get lost.


Does this damage the screen or hard drive? Not as far as I can tell. If you’re cautious about this sort of thing, though, you may want to stick to binder clips and paper clips. You won’t want a stray magnet to damage an external hard drive you might have sitting on your desk.

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