Tip: Hide All The Windows But The One You’re Working In

Here’s a quick and handy tip. Most of you probably know that hitting Command+H will hide the current application you’re working in, minimizing it to the dock. But, what about hiding all the other windows you’re working in? Nine times out of ten, most just start button-mashing Command+H over and over again until everything is closed, only to open the one app you want to use. There’s a fix for that, and it’s just as simple as Command+H.

Did you know that if you hit Command+Option+H the Finder will minimize all other applications that are open, except the one that you’re currently working in?

If you’re the A.D.D type like I am, it’s usually really easy to get distracted hopping from one application to another while trying to get something done. Hitting Command+Option+H helps me stay on track when I need to focus. My other alternative it hitting the fullscreen button on an app to maximize it, but Apple’s implementation of ‘fullscreen’ applications leaves a lot to be desired if you use two monitors in your set up.

Anyway, Command+Option+H. It’s worth remembering.

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