Phishing and malware emails pretending to be Apple

Reports are pouring in of readers and the like receiving emails that contain similar design aspects of those that Apple sends out. The only problem — they’re ready to steal information from you. These emails prompt you to go to a linked website to enter your Apple ID and password. Phishing is not new to the scene, but it is definitely something you should try your hardest to avoid as it’s sneaky, tricky, and if you’re not careful, could result in loss of accounts, money and whatever else you may find important.

As a precautionary, whenever you’re visiting a site, make sure the URL displayed is actually, and not an IP address or a different website. The chances of these websites being phishing websites are incredibly high, if not 100%.

The biggest problem with these is that they’re trying to sucker in those Apple users who don’t keep up with Apple news on a day to day basis. These people are the most innocent, the ones who simply want to obtain a new product but don’t have the time to be updated on such events. Be sure to steer clear of any email claiming to be from Apple about an iPhone 5GS or some other product that isn’t on Apple’s website. It’s for the best for both you and your valued information.

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