Mavericks Gold Master, Recycled Rumors, Ghost Trains, and more in our Reader Weekly

This week Mobile Me users lost their free extra storage, as they were moved to the free 5GB storage plans. If you had your eyes on one of the 128 GB iPads, but were holding out for a more cost-effective option, you can grab one from Apple’s refurbished store. The future of iTunes radio has become more clear as details emerge that the service will be used for promoting pre-release music. Jailbreakers may get to join the post iOS 7 world, as Evad3rs announced they were close to a breakthrough. Finally, last week saw the gold master of Mavericks released to developers, signaling that its release may be imminent.

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  • What’s Next? Greg Rice and Double Fine’s ‘creativity factory’

    Patrick Miller from Gamasutra interviews Greg Rice from Double Fine about what makes the studio so unique.

  • Tim Schafer: Unplugged

    So it’s another Double Fine article, this time Jeffery Matulef from US Gamers interviews the man himself, Tim Schafer about his approach to making games.

  • Why I’ve (Mostly) Stopped Pirating Music

    Richard J Anderson writes about why he doesn’t pirate music anymore, but why sometimes The Pirate Bay may be your only way to get something.

  • The Great Chicago Ghost Train Mystery

    Fruzsina Eördögh at Motherboard writes about the possibility that a recent train crash in Chicago was caused by an intruder taking control of the CTA’s SCADA system.

  • The Nacho Dorito

    Michael Moss dissects the science behind what makes Doritos so addicting.

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