Macheist Nano Bundle 2 almost gone

Just a reminder for all of those who like bargains, Macheist has a Nano Bundle that is set to expire tonight. The Bundle costs $19.95 and is available from


Our own Josh Schnell wrote about this about a week ago, but they’ve added some additional items within that time.

There are a total of eight applications, with an opportunity to get an additional three applications if you tweet that you purchased the Macheist Nano bundle; for a grand total of 11 applications.

Here’s what you get if you purchase the bundle:

Mac Journal

by Mariner Software.

It’s a blogging and writing application that allows you to post directly to your blog whether it’s WordPress, Moveable type, live journal or others.

Rip It

by The Little App Factory.

RipIt is a DVD importing tool that does one thing and does it well. It’ll rip DVDs to your Mac.


by Conceited Software.

Clips is a snippet manager that is like a giant clipboard that allows you to store multiple items on it, instead of just one.

Cover Scout

by Equinux.

Cover Scout is an application that pulls cover art for your music right from the internet. It’s an easy way to get all of your missing album artwork.


by ExtendMac.

Flow is a very simple File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application that allows you to transfer items to your file server; whether it is local, or stored on the cloud.

In addition to doing file transfers, Flow also allows you to do web development from right within the application. This includes syntax coloring, multiple tabs and code completion. It’s not a bad application to look at if you do web development.

Tales of Monkey Island

by Lucas Arts and Telltale Games.

This classic PC game has been ported to the Mac and is now unlocked for all Macheist NanoBundle purchasers. You will love the way the game looks on your Mac.

This is not a trimmed down version, you get all five chapters of the original game.

Rapid Weaver

by Realmac Software.

If you do not get the bundle for anything else RapidWeaver is the reason to do so. Rapid weaver is a beautiful web development application that blows iWeb out of the water with it’s beautiful templates and easy point and click changes.

The software supports FTP, SFTP, MobileMe and any other domain. RapidWeaver was unlocked when the bundle count reached 50,000.


by Atebits.

Tweetie is a native Mac desktop Twitter client. Tweetie allows you to customize it to the way you want including themes, bubble colors, avatar choose, and much more.

In addition to getting Tweetie 1.0, you’ll also get an exclusive sneak peak at Tweetie 2.0 when it is ready, plus a free upgrade.

There’s more than just those seven applications. If you do not mind giving your Twitter followers more information on MacHeist you can also get the following applications.

Airburst Extreme

by FreeVerse.

Airburst Extreme is a game where you can play any one of 10 playable characters and you float on balloons and you compete against others in Airburst matches to try and outwit and outlast your opponents.

Burning Monkey Solitaire

by Freeverse.

If you’re a fan of the game solitaire you’ll enjoy Burning Monkey solitaire. You get a bunch of features, including Klondike Solitair, Pyramid, FreeCell, Canfield, Spider, Baker’s Dozen and the ability to customize your background the way you like.

Contained within the games are easter eggs that will keep you entertained.


by Conceited Software.

Tracks is a menu bar application that allows you to search through your iTunes library and even purchase songs all without having to open up iTunes.

Tracks also integrates with to really listen to all of your music the way you want.

There are the eleven applications available in the MacHeist Nano Bundle 2. The only caveat is that time is limited. There is just over a day left until this package is no longer available. If you want any of these head over to and get your bundle today.

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