Here’s How To Identify Your Apple Gear

Knowing the model of your Apple device is obviously important. It is especially good to know when you are having an issue with your device and need to look for help in a book or online. Apple does not print the exact model name, such as “iPhone 5,” or generation on its products.

Apple hasn’t left you out in the cold completely, however. There are a few ways to determine what model you have of your product. This is done differently depending on the product you are looking up. For Macs, you can go to the “System Information” app in the Utilities folder and the overview section tells you the name of your computer. This can be done for Macs running a more recent version of OS X. When I looked up my computer, I saw that it is a MacBook Pro Retina (Mid 2012).

There are also guides online at Apple’s support site that help you identify models of iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac minis, Mac Pros (8-core), iPhones, iPods, and iPads. For instance, iPods can be identified by storage capacity, clip, camera, and how the iPod is navigated.

Though Apple doesn’t always make thing easy, there is usually a way to get help from them through their support site.