Growl forwarding and Back to my Mac

I just thought of a really great idea for using forwarding of growl. Let’s say you have .Mac and are running leopard on both machines. Now you could have the “˜Back to my Mac’ service and have your two machines connected and since the BTMM allows the two computers to act as though they are on the same local network, even if they are 1000 miles away. So you could just have your items sent from your computer at home to your portable elsewhere.

The specific instance I can think of might be if you’re uploading something using an application that supports growl. Like Cyberduck for instance and you want to know when it’s done. Making sure that Growl is setup and working with Cyberduck. You’d transfer a large amount of data and once cyberduck is done it’ll post a growl message and it can be forwarded to laptop since the two machines would be connected via BTMM.


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