Controlling iTunes remotely without using Screen Sharing

This one’s for Stan, who in the comments asked about controlling iTunes remotely. Now, this gets a little bit geeky, and involves the terminal and a script, but if that’s your thing then this article is for you.

Set up Remote Login on the Mac you want to connect to

First thing you need to do is setup remote login on your remote computer. You can do this in the System Preferences, and click the sharing icon. Highlight, or check the remote login box. Step one complete!

Set up the script you need to control itunes remotely

Download this script and move it into your /bin directory on the machine you want to connect to. Now you need to change the file permissions to that file chmod 755 itunes. The script you are using is the second part of that post. No copy that files into your /bin directory. cp itunes /bin

Connect Remotely to your machine

Take a nice seat on your comfortable couch, and open up the terminal on the computer you want to control itunes from. In the terminal type ssh username@ipaddress. Username should be the name used with your itunes music, and the account that the machine is running on, and your ipaddress should be the address on your remote machine. You should be prompted for a password. Now you’re in. You are currently connected to your remote machine. Navigate to your applications folder, cd /applications Open iTunes, open

Controlling iTunes

Now comes the fun part. Type in itunes, and you should be met with a list of things you can type to control your music remotely.

It works like a charm, and I managed to scare the crap out of my wife… good times! Hope this helps Stan. :)

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