Control iTunes from around the desktop with SizzlingKeys

For an operating system as advanced as OS X it’s absolutely ridiculous that we have to resort to hacks in order to switch between iTunes tracks while working in another window. There’s a number of solutions to get around the problem and until recently I’ve been using a little hack for a universal shortcut. It wasn’t pretty.

I stumbled across Sizzling Keys a couple of days back, and I’ve been meaning to share it with everyone. It’s a preference pane, and it’s sole task is controlling iTunes whenever you’re not using iTunes. For instance, if you’re in Pages writing an essay, and you accidentally Rick Roll yourself you can push a key combo and skip the track, or you can puts another key combo to restart it. It’s up to you.

It works exceptionally well, and it’s painfully cheap to buy. Well, actually it’s free to use, but there’s a $4.95 upgrade options for a pro version.

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