Apple User Gift Ideas: Last Minute Ideas

With only one more weekend to do shopping until the major holiday of the season I thought I would give readers a list of some last minute gift ideas.

Gift Cards. I know there a vocal percentage of users who believe as though gift cards are an ‘impersonal’ gift. However, it is easier to get a gift card and allow the recipient to choose what they want, versus having to deal with the hassle of returning an item.

There are three different gift cards available from Apple: The first is an iTunes Gift Card. The ranges for the iTunes gift card are anywhere from $10 to $100 with a range of designs.

The second is the Apple store gift card. You can purchase a gift card ranging from $25 to $2500. You can order yours directly from Apple.

The final, and newest gift card design, is the iPhone gift card. These cards are NOT just for the iPhone, but can be used on an iPhone or on any Apple store item. It carries the same range of the generic Apple Gift card, $25 to $2500. You can get yours directly from Apple as well.

If you would rather allow your Apple user to choose an item, of their own, but not necessarily from Apple you can always purchase an Amazon Gift Card and allow them to receive their item tax free and get what they might need.

Other Gift Ideas:

Headphones. Everybody seems to always end up needing some earbuds for using all day or just around the house. I seem to go through headphones every three months because I use them so much.

Memory Cards. All of Apple’s newest laptops have an SD card reader. These are useful for the shutterbugs who love to take photos and those who want a way to have a backup of their important files.

Digital Picture Frames. Again, for the shutterbugs who want to show off their pictures or for those who want to show their relatives a rotating group of pictures.

Remember, this is the last weekend for holiday shopping.

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