Apple’s Rumored Set-Top TV Box To Feature Cloud-Based DVR, iOS Interface, Social Sharing

A lot of information is surfacing about Apple’s supposed plan to take over our TVs. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is planning a set-top TV box that would stream live content and that the company was reportedly in talks with cable providers. Today, The WSJ is expanding on this, saying the device would feature a cloud-based DVR service, social sharing features, and an iOS-like icon-based interface.

According to The WSJ‘s sources, Apple’s vision for such a device is to make watching and accessing content easier and simpler, and the ultimate goal is to “erase the distinction between live and on-demand content.”

If the reports are accurate, a cloud-based DVR service would allow users to watch any show on-demand at any given time once it has aired by storing content in the cloud, similar to the current iTunes service. Apple is reportedly planning to take this one step further, however, believing users could start watching the show just minutes after it has officially begun airing on live TV.

Another interesting tidbit is the interface Apple is planning, which would be similar to the Apple TV or iPad. It would have a number of icons and apps instead of the bars and context menus that are seen on current set-top boxes. The purpose of such a design would be to make using the device easier.

Apple is also reportedly planning to include social features with the TV box. Users may be able to share what they’re watching through Twitter or other social networks. The WSJ also reports that Apple would hope to take content from the box and make it available on other Apple products like the iPhone or iPad.

This actually sounds like a pretty cool idea, but once again, nothing has been confirmed as Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr declined to comment on what he called “rumor and speculation.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal via BGR and SlashGear
Image Credit: BGR

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