News Roundup: Lawsuits, MTV, New Ads, And Spotify’s Revenge

Hopefully, you are surviving the beginning of your week. It’s not the best time for Apple news, but I still managed to find some nice tidbits from the news today. Most of them are meta Apple news, but I’ve also got a story about a competitor trying to strike back at Apple.


Apple In Court For Unpaid Bag Searches

For all the cheering about the Apple store, the company is now defending a class action lawsuit. This is because of mandatory bag searches at the end of every shift. Employees are saying that these searches were unpaid, echoing a similar lawsuit from Amazon’s employees. Apple tried to avoid letting the suit become class action, saying not all stores were subject to the policy. Ars Technica has the details on the court’s decision.


Apple Contests GTAT Bankruptcy

Apple’s legal department is in overtime these days with yet another court case. Apple is contesting a financing plan for the failed sapphire manufacturer, GT Advanced Technologies. The current argument has to do with stipulations in plan related to a fire earlier this year. Ars also has the details on the proceedings.


Beats 1 To Announce VMA Nominees

It may only be a part of the on going Apple Music hype machine, but Beats 1 is making quite the splash. Beats 1 announced on Twitter they will exclusively broadcast the VMA nominees tomorrow at 7 AM PDT. It’s a nice grab for the fledgling network. It’s another sign that Apple is rounding up a lot of industry support for Apple Music.


App Store Highlighted In New iPhone Ad

Apple has a new iPhone commercial out. The add highlights the huge amount of apps available on the App Store. Touting 1.5 million apps, the ad continues the “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” campaign. Watch the add on Apple’s You Tube channel.


Spotify Strikes Back

You have admire Spotify’s spirit. After all of the Apple Music reviews were in, most critics cited the discovery as the big win. Spotify has crafted a new weekly playlist, called Discover Weekly. The playlist is based on your listening habits, and isn’t human curated. Though it lacks the spontaneity of the Apple Music playlists, but it does show Spotify isn’t sitting idle. Check out Spotify’s announcement here.

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